Review: SK-II Pitera Essentials Line

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SK-II is an award winning luxury skincare line, founded in Japan over 40 years ago. Last year, I got the to learn about SK-II and their products, having the opportunity to work as a skin consultant at their pop up boutique in Soho, and since, I have been an advocate and daily user of their products.

SK-II stands for “secret key to beautiful skin“. The brand’s secret is derived from the fermentation process of sake, that creates a liquid called Pitera. Pitera is in all of Sk-II’s products. Today, I am sharing three of SK-II’s products from their Pitera Essentials line.

Facial Treatment Essence 

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FTE is SK-II’s signature product and best seller. FTE is 90% Pitera, a liquid that contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that hydrates, balances, and renews the skin. After a testing, you will notice an immediate brightness in the skin. Using the formula daily, will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, spots, dryness as well as improving the texture and hydration of your skin. The formula is alcohol free, and smells earthy on the skin initially, but quickly evaporates. FTE can be used with all skin types and should be applied to the face after you cleanse and tone your skin, day and/or night (recommended both).

Since using FTE since last October, I have noticed that my skin tone, is more even, radiant, and hydrated . My breakouts and redness have also reduced significantly. I look forward to the continuous use of FTE and progress of my skin. I put my FTE in a spray bottle and spray it on my face, and pat it in gently. If you can only try one product, from the 3 I am reviewing today, I would recommend the Facial Treat Essence.

                   Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 

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The FTE toning lotion (toner) is formulated with Pitera and hydroxy acids . This product removes excess dirt and oils from the skin and preps the face for the essence, serums and moisturizers to be applied after . The FTE Lotion is alcohol free toner, with no added color, and is fragrance free. The FTE Lotion does not dry the skin and is recommended for everyone except for those with sensitive skin. However, I have sensitive skin and did not see any reactions. This toner works well with oily skin as well, because it is very light and watery. The formula states that the lotion exfoliates the skin but, I am not sure if I really experienced this benefit. I do really enjoy this product and would recommended for those who want to increase the effectiveness of their SK-II skin regimen or for those who are looking for a lightweight toner; but I do not feel it is a priority to purchase in comparison to other SK-II products.


                  SK-II Mid-Day Essence Spray

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The Mid Day Essence Spray is an on the go skincare product, for those that want all day hydration for their skin. The product was inspired by Cate Blanchett ( SK-II’s global ambassador) as she travels and works long days on set (Cate has been using SK-II for more than 10 years and her skin literally glows in person) . The Mid Day Essence is perfect for touch ups throughout the day, keeping the skin hydrated with every spray.The formula is designed to penetrate through make up, as the particles are 1/4 the size of our pores. It is a lightweight liquid that dries rather quickly over the face. I really like the Midday Essence because it does not ruin makeup, but rather keeps your skin feeling refreshed throughout. This spray is perfect for long days when we need extra moisture and glow in the skin. The size of the spray is also convenient for carrying in our bags. I keep the Mid-Day Essence Spray in my bag when traveling or for long days at work when it’s important that I feel and look fresher at events, and in front of clients.

Working with SK-II has taught me a lot about the brand and a lot about skin and skin care. I have a better understanding about the concerns and needs of my skin. It’s never to late or early to take care of your skin. It’s the most visible part of you. Developing a skin regimen now, and finding the right products will help you carry your skin throughout the decades of your life. You can stop by an SK-II counter and ask for the Beauty Imaging System to learn more about your skin and its age ( I will put the store locator link below).

I hope this review helps all those that are interested in SK-II. I am currently using other SK-II products and will be looking forward to sharing them with you as well. You can check out these 3 products with the links below.



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