Outfit: Woven Jacket & Midi Skirt

Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 7Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 8Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 9Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 5Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 10Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 11Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 12Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 4Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 3Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 2Cesthoa Woven jacket & pencil skirt 1

There’s no denying that wearing a skirt and pair of heels is ultra sexy, but recently I’ve been shifting towards wearing skirts with sneakers. I feel just as sexy if not more. Skirts with sneakers are one of the hot trends right now. I will continue to wear them because it completely fits my lifestyle. I have been gravitating towards pairing casual shoes with skirts for the reason that it is very practical. If you take public transportation, as I do, It’s almost impossible to walk around in heels for a long time, for more than one reason; the streets are slanted, lots of stairs, carrying around items, and you’re out all day. That’s NYC lifestyle lots of walking.

I have been wearing out all my sneakers, especially these Michael Kors studded slip ons ( as you can tell), which I paired with a Romeo and Juliet Couture midi pencil skirt from TJ Maxx. I love how casual and sporty this skirt is, but, it is feminine at the same time. The skirt has a great fit, not too oversized. Yet it’s great for walking because it has slits on the side. Keeping the look on the neutral scale , I added a cream knit sweater from Forever 21. I liked the proportions of the sweater with the midi skirt. For outerwear, I wore a textured woven jacket from H&M, that has some shades of grey and white. It adds slight texture and contrast to the look. I accessorized the outfit with my mini vintage Coach backpack, that keeps the look casual, sporty, yet stylish.

You can wear an outfit like this almost any day of the week. It’s great for work, running errands, or meeting up with your friends. In my case, for exploring the Intrepid and its surrounding areas. I hope you guys enjoyed this look. If you like it, shop the links below to create your own. No matter how you decide to pair your skirt, note that, confidence comes from within and that’s the sexiest piece you will wear !

– On a side note, happy April to all ! I can’t believe a quarter of the year has passed. It feels like, it has been one long month since 2015 but spring is here ! I can smell, feel and see the difference in the air. The energy of the people and city shifts with each season and it affects us all. Spring is bringing hope and warmth to the souls of citizens after such a long winter hiatus. I wish each one of you a fruitful spring season. Plant the seed for the tree or flower you want to be.

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